A full featured file manager for your SkyDrive live account. Metro inspired and very easy to use!

Main features

✔ Move single or multiple files/folders
✔ Delete single or multiple files/folders
✔ Upload multiple photos at a time
✔ Background uploading
✔ Open and edit photos, Word, Excel, PPT, OneNote and PDF documents
✔ Open ZIP files
✔ Send any file via attachment on email *
✔ Post photos directly to Facebook
✔ Watch streamed videos
✔ Share any folder or file
✔ Short links for sharing *
✔ Create/delete folders
✔ Multi user/accounts *
✔ Quota information per each account
✔ Pin to start any folder or file, to access within a tap *
✔ Quick upload from pictures hub > ... > apps > SkyManager
✔ Easy crop feature allows cropping before uploading photos
✔ Pinch to zoom and side flick supported on photos
✔ Download originals to phone
✔ List/details view
✔ Large or small thumbnails view
✔ Browse shared folders
✔ Optional photo auto resizing before upload
✔ More to come!

* Features only available in the full version. Free version shows ads and can be slightly slower to launch.



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